CivicLift Platform for Community Engagement

CivicLift Platform for Community Engagement

CivicLift creates community engagement infrastructure for towns and cities of all sizes. Its online platform – years in the making – is leveraged by communities as a primary marketing channel specifically tailored to their town. Through this platform:

  • Residents and local business owners submit original content, e.g., events, business listings, and articles.
  • Submitted content goes through a moderation process to ensure everything listed on the site is within the town's best interest.
  • Pre-built marketing tools are already integrated into the platform.
  • There is an ROI Program enabling communities to actually generate revenue from the platform, creating a turnkey solution for sustainability.

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Utilizing CivicLift’s platform, CCM-member communities will achieve significantly higher engagement with a much more measurable impact that offers community members and local business owners the opportunity to conduct their own marketing and community outreach. These combined results increase the benefits to the social and economic health of the community.

A short video presentation of the CivicLift platform:


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Andrew R. Merola, BEP, CEP 

CCM Energy & Program Development Manager

Phone: 203.498.3056

Fax: 203.562.6314