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Certified Connecticut Municipal Official

Certified Connecticut Municipal Official

CCM understands how valuable professional development can be. Continuing education is not only important for your current position, but also to your career path. Under the advisement and direction from experienced staff at Trinity College, the Certified Connecticut Municipal Official program (CCMO) was developed.

Our training is intended to teach you how to work collaboratively, solve problems, build partnerships, and work across political and organizational boundaries. CCM encourages elected and appointed officials to utilize municipal training workshops, conferences, special meetings, and other educational opportunities to expand their knowledge and enhance important leadership skills through education.

To reward your commitment to furthering your education, CCM proudly offers the CCMO program. Now, you can become a Certified Connecticut Municipal Official.

Getting Started back to top

Enrolling is easy! Begin by completing the enrollment form that will soon be available through the online portal. Click here to visit our portal to get started and verify your information. After attending each qualifying event, your attendance will be tracked through event registration. CCM will then notify you once you’ve reached your required credit hours and become a “CCMO”. We can provide you with an attendance report at any time.

The one-time enrollment fee of $120 for CCM members. This program is only offered to staff/appointed officials of member municipalities.

Philosophy of the CCMO program back to top

The job of a municipal official is complicated and demanding. To be successful officials need special skills and knowledge, but they also must be competent in a variety of areas. By designing this program to focus on you, your organization and your community, we will help you achieve a standard of excellence.

The program will blend the best from the worlds of practice and theory. Training sessions will be led by associations, recognized experts and college faculty, with lengthy experience and insights needed to help you build the required skills for your demanding job.

Timeframe back to top

This program was designed so participants can complete the required credit hours within a two-year office term, giving the upper hand at the next election! Attendance at CCM’s annual convention and educational workshops will provide the needed credits to qualify for completion and certification. All participants are expected to complete the certification within two years.

Completion and Continuing Education back to top

Upon completion of the coursework (36 credit hours of study), municipal officials will be recognized and honored for their achievement at CCM’s annual convention in the fall. A press release which highlights the accomplishments will also be issued as well as a story featured in the bi-monthly Connecticut Town and City Magazine.

To maintain certification, you must complete 9 credit hours of study (3 workshops) within the next two years and pay a continuing education fee of $50.

Contact Info back to top

For Questions about CCMO contact:

Jennifer Cruz
Education and Events Program Administrator
Phone: 203.498.3073

For Questions about the CCM Portal contact:

Alison Geisler
Member Services Assistant
Phone: 203.498.3029