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Connecticut Town & City

All the news affecting our towns and cities — at your fingertips

The digital format for CCM’s flagship magazine gives you the same insightful local and state government news coverage you’ve come to expect, but with new speed and accessibility. It's the indispensable news source for CCM Municipal Members and Municipal Business Associate members — and anyone who wants to stay up to date on any issues affecting Connecticut's towns and cities.

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Our digital format offers a variety of advantages even our print publication can't match, including:

Automatic delivery to your email. Download the latest edition or read it online.
Portable. Once you save it to your desktop, take it with you wherever you power up your PC.
Turn pages with ease. It’s the same reading experience as a magazine.
Searchable. Just type in your search words and it delivers the pages you seek.
Live Table of Contents. Use the Table of Contents to navigate directly to the stories you want to read.
Printable. Print the whole issue or individual pages.
Trackable advertising. We can track page views and provide advertisers with click data on their ads. Ads link directly to the advertiser’s website.
Green. You can feel good, knowing we’re saving paper, ink and gas with this format.


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Innovative Ideas 2017

We are pleased to present Innovative Ideas for Managing Local Governments: A Connecticut Town & City Compendium – our 30th annual compilation to help municipal leaders run local governments more effectively and efficiently. These ideas save taxpayers money while providing municipal services that enhance community life.

Download a printable PDF here, or view the mobile/browser friendly version here.