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2018 Convention: Session C Workshop Descriptions

2018 Convention: Session C Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about navigating the challenges of working in local government, with hot topics ranging from employee leave, effective wellness programs, economic development, civil discourse in local government, municipal budgets, employee protected speech and social media, and much, much more.

These sessions run from 3:00 to 4:00 pm

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C1 A Transformational Approach to Economic Development - Co-sponsored by Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC)

Economic development is a critical component of any community's strategic plan. It is important that public officials across the municipal structure understand the intricacies of the local, state and global economy, and develop a strong and successful economic development foundation for their community’s future. This municipal economic development workshop is unique in that it is geared to ALL within a municipality who impact economic development, and is designed to get everyone working collaboratively. Additionally, attendees will receive information about research, marketing and general economic development practices, as well as resources and tools available to achieve economic development results.

C2 Supervisor Boot Camp: Knowing Your Rights when Dealing with Employee Leave - Co-sponsored by Berchem Moses P.C.

This presentation will immerse supervisors in understanding the differences in the types of leave that an employee may have as well as setting and enforcing policies dealing with those types of leave including FMLA, Paid Sick Leave, PTO, jury duty, etc. as well as establishing effective leave policies and enforcing discipline when those policies are violated in both a unionized and non-unionized workplace. Due to the evolving nature of this topic, this presentation seeks to include recent legislation impacting Connecticut's paid sick leave as well as Connecticut's paid family medical leave act should those bills pass.

C3 Promoting Communication and Cooperation Between Boards of Education and Local Government - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE)

Now more than ever it is imperative for public officials at all levels of government to model civil discourse in their deliberations, allowing for the thoughtful, beneficial exchange of ideas and perspectives. It is also important to provide opportunities for students to develop their skills in conflict resolution and consensus building. The panel will discuss strategies to increase civility by focusing on issues rather than individuals and offering solutions rather than placing blame.

C4 Wellness That Works - Co-sponsored by ConnectiCare

Despite their popularity, many workplace wellness programs yield mixed results. However, there is an innovative approach that works. By using real clinical data and the right mix of incentives, effective wellness programs can engage all employees in developing healthy behaviors and lowering costs. Based on the experiences of one of the largest value-based wellness programs in the country, our experts will share the “what” along with the “how to” of high performing programs. Convincing employees to get moving and adopt healthy change isn’t easy. But implementing an evidence-based program that aligns benefits and incentives as its foundation is the catalyst that can keep your employees healthy and your organizations thriving.

C5 Understanding the Contours of Employee Protected Speech and Social Media - Co-sponsored by Pullman & Comley, LLC

It is essential that employers, especially municipalities, understand the boundaries of employee protected speech in the context of both union and nonunion employees under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Employers also need to know how to effectively regulate social media in the workplace. Lastly, we will discuss the National Labor Relations Board’s guidelines to help employers develop social media policies that do not run afoul of the NLRA.

C6 A SMART Way to Avert a Trash Crisis - Learn how a SMART system can save millions for cities and towns while helping the environment - Co-sponsored by CT DEEP

Connecticut faces a major trash problem and over the past few years CT DEEP has teamed up with over 30 Connecticut municipalities to fund an evaluation of the benefits and feasibility of implementing a Save Money and Reduce Trash (SMART) program in their community.

C7 Finding Your Balance: Thinking Outside the Box to Reach a Balanced Budget - Co-sponsored by the Master of Public Administration Program at Sacred Heart University

With continuing state budget deficits and potential reductions in municipal aid how can towns and cities achieve a balanced budget without increasing property taxes or reducing services.  This workshop will look at innovative solutions to help municipalities achieve a balanced budget.

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