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2018 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

2018 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about navigating the challenges of working in local government, with hot topics ranging from planning, water intrusion, marijuana sale and use, sexual harassment, and community engagement.

These sessions run from 9:45 am to 10:45 am.

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A1 COG Roundtable

Connecticut's Councils of Governments (COGs) serve as forums for regional coordination, inter-municipal cooperation, and service sharing.  Hear how COGs around the state are uniquely addressing challenges faced by municipalities in their regions.  COG directors and staff will briefly present on successes, innovations, and future directions and will include time for a question and answer session at the end.

A2 Start with Planning: CCAPA's Insights and Technical Focus on the Connecticut Recovery - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association represents 400 professionals from various technical disciplines.  Given the ongoing slow economic growth of Connecticut, this is an important time to reinforce our state's core values, accelerate our pace of work and build up a team approach to problem-solving. Planners are among the state's very best facilitators and community consensus-builders with an important role to play in this process. Start with Planning introduces new policy positions concerning economic development, transportation, resiliency, conservation and housing as well as technical resources for community planning with immediate and longer-term impact.

A3 Regulating Marijuana Sale and Use in Your Town - Co-sponsored by Murtha Cullina LLP

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has been a “growing” issue in Connecticut. This workshop will provide the current status of the law regarding marijuana production, sale and usage, both state and federal. There will be guidance for local officials on regulating marijuana producers and dispensaries, as well as a discussion on what regulatory changes may occur in the near future.

A4 Understanding and Managing Sexual Harassment & Misconduct: Part One - Understanding the Law - Co-sponsored by Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Ageny (CIRMA)

Claims and litigation involving sexual harassment continues to show no sign of slowing and have become a leading loss driver in the municipal liability claims arena.  Although training of employees and supervisors is important, defining harassment doesn’t always prevent harassment.  In order to truly address sexual harassment in your workplace, there needs to be a comprehensive approach.  The first session will discuss the changing cultures, legal standards and the importance of how and why entities must be proactive in addressing sexual harassment and misconduct claims. Panelists will focus on proper employer responses to claims and complaints. They will define the process that follows written policies, protocols for addressing complaints, investigation practices, and managing grievances, along with appropriate record-keeping.

A5 Community Engagement: What is it good for? - Co-sponsored by Bang the Table

We'll discuss the ways Community Engagement can have meaningful impact on your organization and community, including: bringing more residents into your conversations, empowering your agency, mitigating misinformation, and increasing staff capacity. You'll leave with resources to help you develop a strategic checklist for your organization's engagement processes.

A6 Water Intrusion in Community Facilities: How to Avoid a Public Crisis and Mitigate Costs with Proper Evaluation and Planning - Co-sponsored by GeoInsight, Inc.

 40% of all building-related problems are due to water intrusion. The damage to building materials following such an event can be costly and health risks impacting air quality can be alarming to the public. The session will focus on evaluating these issues before they become public knowledge and handling of the public’s concerns as the project moves forward. We will identify typical causes and best practices for mitigation of water intrusion issues at common publicly owned facilities where the health and welfare of occupants are a priority. We will cover the steps in evaluating the cause of the water intrusion issue, designing cost-effective solutions for mitigation, and provide an overview of how to coordinate the work for the completion of a successful project.

A7 Succession Planning: Are you ready for it? - Co-sponsored by the UConn Department of Public Policy

Losing key people in your workforce can create a disastrous ripple effect across various sectors within your municipality if you are not prepared. In this workshop, we will examine how to strategically plan for the direction of your workforce, implement better practices in talent development, and maximize on the strengths of your existing workforce. 

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